Mandala Hamsa Hand #01



Mandala Hamsa Hand #01

The Hamsa Hand is a popular symbol in many cultures and religions, known for its protective and guiding properties.

Our Hamsa Hand art pieces are intricately designed and expertly crafted to capture the essence of this powerful symbol.

Available in a range of materials and sizes, our Hamsa Hand art makes a stunning and meaningful addition to any home or workspace.

Whether you’re seeking spiritual guidance or simply want to add a touch of cultural significance to your decor, our Hamsa Hand art is the perfect choice.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 50 × 35 × 5 cm

40cm x 27cm, 70cm x 47cm


MDF, Bamboo, White acrylic, Black acrylic, Silver Acrylic, Gold Acrylic